Microsoft Research Faculty Summit 2013

Watch the Faculty Summit live!

July 15, 2013 | 09:00–17:30 PDT | 12:00–20:30 EDT

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Our program includes these featured speakers. Bill Gates
Krysta Svore
Krysta Svore
Doug Burger
Doug Burger
David Pennock
David Pennock

Watch it when you want.

You can view Faculty Summit sessions here, at your convenience, after July 15. Please check back and watch these videos plus bonus segments.

Broadcast Live!

Join us for a broadcast of the Microsoft Research Faculty Summit streamed live from Redmond on Monday, July 15, from 09:00 to 17:30 Pacific Daylight Time. This free online event offers highlights, such as the opening and closing keynotes, streamed on location from the Faculty Summit. Plus, you’ll hear from leading scientific and academic researchers who are making social and scientific advances—from prediction engines to quantum computing breakthroughs—with the help of technology.

July 15, 2013 streaming agenda*

Live time Session Speaker
09:00–10:30 PDT


Opening Keynote: Innovation & Opportunity—The Contribution of Computing to Improving Our World

Bill Gates
10:45–11:15 PDT  Research in Focus: SPAM Wars—The Systems Strike Back Saikat Guha,
Stefan Savage
11:15–11:45 PDT  Research in Focus: Sign Language Translation Stewart Tansley,
Tim Pan,
Xilin Chen
12:00–12:30 PDT Research in Focus: Fueling the Future Harold Javid
12:30–13:30 PDT Opening Keynote Encore: Innovation & Opportunity—The Contribution of Computing to Improving Our World (pre-recorded session) Bill Gates
13:30–14:00 PDT Research in Focus: Prediction Engines David Pennock,
Sanmay Das,
Robin Hanson
14:00–14:30 PDT Research in Focus: Social Media in Times of Crisis Andrés Monroy-Hernández,
Leysia Palen 
14:45–15:15 PDT Research in Focus: Quantum Computing—The Next Frontier  Krysta Svore,
Scott Aaronson,
Matthias Troyer  
15:15–15:45 PDT Research in Focus: The Coming Genomics Software Revolution Bill Bolosky,
Ravi Pandya,
David Patterson
15:45–16:15 PDT Research in Focus: Designing a Better Tomorrow Lili Cheng,
Clay Shirky
16:30–17:30 PDT Closing Keynote: The Beast from Below—How Changes in the Hardware Ecosystem Will Disrupt Computer Science Doug Burger 

*Schedule subject to change